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RaQuel Sanchez

Owner Partner of KTM Events

Kiss The Monkeys | Kiss The Mermaids (KTM Events) founded by RaQuel Sanchez and Alex Harris is a multi-award winning events organization and social network. KTM Events is applauded for their luxury red carpet charity events that attract celebrities, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, and socialites. KTM Events Facebook community members are drawn to the organization's purpose driven existence. RaQuel and Alex have been recognized by United Nations and have also received an official Presidential Award from The White House

Sir Daniel Winn

Owner Partner of Winn Slavin Fine Arts

Sir Daniel Winn is a multi-award winning Artist and curator and philanthropist. Daniel Winn developed his artistic style known as “Existential Surrealism.” Winn’s artistic style is self-curated due to his innovative and innate talent. Winn Slavin Fine Art is a driving force in fine art and is firmly established o as a premier provider of fine art paintings and sculptures with an emphasis on integrity, service, and innovation.

W H A T  

Think red, white and blue. It is a red carpet event. The attire is white formal. The artists of the Winn Slavin Fine Art gallery are blue chip master artists, meaning that the Winn Slavin Fine Art collection is considered the highest aesthetic quality. The art deemed to be lucrative long term investments. 

KTM Events' long-awaited homecoming for LA, after launching nationally for most of 2019, takes place at no other than the most famous zip code...90210 at Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery. The venue  is already recognized for having some of the most lavish soirées in Beverly Hills. KTM is honored to be the first outside entity to host an event at this prestigious art gallery. Sir Daniel Winn and Randy Slavin designed a brand that not only attracts the socialites of Beverly Hills, art lovers/investors travel across the globe to attend their art events. The compilation of master artists which include Winn, are revered throughout the art world. 

The evening will have a live music performance by Paulette Ivory, fashion presentation, The Evolutionists Award ceremony, high profile networking, hors d'oeuvres, and fine wine. Eye candy for the art enthusiasts and savvy collectors/invetors will be gracing the red carpet. Special honored guest will be Jeff Hoffman founder of Priceline and Beverly Hills mayor John Mirisch. The benefitting charity will be Jeff Hoffman's non-profit Dream Hustle Code a registered 501(c)3 ~ dreamhustle.com

Unique to KTM Events, this will be an INVITE ONLY. If you are an invited guest and would like to bring a guest, please email us at [email protected] for your requests.


The WHY is always to benefit a charity. The charity is still to be named. Please follow our Facebook Event link for the most up-to-date announcements. There you will find confirmed guests, their interactions and all the thrilling developments. 

W H E R E 

Location Information

  • Winn Slavin Fine Art
  • 9532 S Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 US

Art Lover

Thank you for your ticket purchase. This ticket is transferable but NOT REFUNDABLE. You have up to March 27 noon to email us at [email protected] to name the attendee if you can not make it. Thank you for your understanding.

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